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Who are the Boho Butterflies?

The Boho Butterflies are three friends who are also face painters - Caragh, Jenny and Jeanette. We have a combined time of over 30 years of professional face painting experience. We all love a bit of Boho style and that feeling of letting go and having fun. We are so grateful we get to work with people having such a great time at celebratory events!

Our wealth of experience at so many events and with so many different people means we are adept at providing a professional, creative and amazing face art service.

Caragh is our Flower Princess - a true bohemian, stylish and beautiful, calm and creative, she loves nothing more than painting flower after flower, her brush gracing faces and bodies to create beautiful designs.

Jenny is a Butterfly Queen - a butterfly Illustrator in her other life, she just loves colour and chunky glitter, and using lots of gems!

Jeanette is our Style Junkie - cool, arty and edgy, her painting style is just like her. The original stylish girl, she is endlessly patient and full of charisma!

Join us on our #bohobutterflies journey!

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